Susanne Rosmer & Dörte Bardtke

Susanne Rosmer

  • Graduate interpreter for English and Spanish (Cologne University of Applied Sciences, 1993)

  • Sworn interpreter for English and Spanish for the courts of North Rhine-Westphalia since 1996

  • Freelance interpreter and translator since 1994

  • Freelance trainer in the training of community interpreters at bikup gGmbH, Cologne, since 2017

  • Mediator trained in accordance with the standards of Bundesverband Mediation e. V. since 2016
    For further information on mediation and conflict management please visit polygon‑


My specialisations are law and business as well as social and educational matters. Apart from simultaneous interpreting in the booth I enjoy interpreting for smaller groups at workshops, discussion rounds and delicate negotiations. I appreciate the direct contact with my clients and can occasionally also apply my skills as a mediator. That way I can contribute to successful communication beyond the language level.

Dörte Bardtke

  • Graduate interpreter and graduate translator for English and Spanish
  • Freelance interpreter and translator since 1997


I have worked in many different fields and due to my long-term experience I can quickly and easily prepare for any topic in the areas of business, industry and education. However, my special fields are information technology, telecommunications, energy and logistics.


I like to be the voice from the interpreter’s booth you can hear through your head phones. But I am also your committed and competent support for factory site tours and technical trainings.


Intensive preparation for interpreting assignments and a thorough understanding of the matters I interpret are of great importance to me.