Clients and fields of expertise

We work for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as worldwide corporations, for international organisations, associations and educational institutions..

Our clients represent many different business areas and industries. We work for small and medium- sized enterprises as well as worldwide corporations, for international organisations, associations and educational institutions.


Throughout the years we have gathered experience in many different fields. We both have different specialisations and complement each other well as a team.


  • Interpreting at annual general meetings, meetings of boards of directors and supervisory boards, European Works Council meetings, negotiations in smaller groups. Industries comprise the energy sector, the steel industry, chemical industry, logistics companies, insurances and the financial sector amongst others.
  • Interpreting at meetings, workshops and trainings dealing with HR, employee motivation, marketing and market research
  • Translation of press releases, marketing texts, market research documents


  • Interpreting at contract and business negotiations
  • Court interpreting in criminal, civil and family matters as well as in the social and labour courts
  • Interpreting of notarial certifications
  • Interpreting at conferences on legal topics from Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), to combatting of corruption to civil status law
  • Translations of lawyers’ briefs, statements of claims, judicial letters as well as contracts in the fields of corporate law, trademark rights, copyright, labour law

Politics, Education, Social Matters

  • Interpreting at conferences on EU topics, in the field of education and on social matters
  • Conferences and workshops on development policy
  • Interpreting in the field of city twinnings and EU projects
  • Conferences on environmental policy topics from endangered species to renewable energies
  • Translations of speeches, presentations and press releases on political topics


  • Interpreting at customer and employee events in the automotive, IT, teIecommunications and transport industries
  • Interpreting during employee trainings in the automotive sector
  • Interpreting at negotiations and presentations in the fields of wind, solar and bioenergy
  • Translations for the IT and energy sectors